How Vagina Becomes Wet Easily? Las Vegas Escorts

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As per las vegas escorts reviews when a vagina becomes wet, it’s a good sign of sexual arousal. When aroused, most women become wet naturally. However, some women have difficulties having a wet vagina even to enjoy a pleasurable intercourse. Normally, the fluid volume varies from one woman to another. It can also fluctuate throughout the menstrual cycle.

Vaginal wetness can also be affected by stress, diet, medication, as well as intrauterine devices and hormonal birth control methods. Pregnancy and infections can also affect vaginal secretions. But, how exactly does the vagina becomes wet?

What Makes a Vagina Wet?

Normal vagina wetness is usually physiological and it is not necessarily due to a problem. Some of the things that make a vagina wet include:

  • G-spot Ejaculation- G-spot orgasm can lead to excessive lubrication in the vagina. Stimulation of the G-spot causes the vagina to be moist and wet and this is normal in women.
  • Sexual Excitement- Greater heights of sexual excitement in women increases blood circulation in the vaginal parts that get a blushing feeling. Sexual excitement can lead to high arousal which makes the vagina lubricated by becoming wet or moist. However, some women become excessively wet and this can becomes disturbing. Excessive wetness can be a sign of an underlying infection or health problem.
  • Pregnancy- Excessive wetness or vaginal discharge is common during early pregnancy. This is usually caused by progesterone level in the vagina. As pregnancy progresses, wetness level can reduce though it may continue in some women. But, if the vagina continues to be excessively wet, seek medical attention.
  • Medications- Medication can also make the vagina wet. Birth control medication leads to hormonal imbalances. In some cases, it makes the vagina excessively wet. Some medication causes sudden changes in hormones level or high estrogen level which causes the vagina to become excessively wet.
  • Infection- Bacterial vaginosis, trichomoniasis, and yeast infection are some of the common causes of excessively wet vagina. When a woman has any of these infections, she should be evaluated by a doctor and treated.
  • STIs- A normal intercourse can lead to the secretion of fluid and its discharge into the vagina. However, sexually transmitted infections like chlamydia gonorrhea can make the vagina excessively wet.

Generally, there is no right wetness level for the vagina. Therefore, this is not something to get conscious about. Nevertheless, if you feel like vagina wetness is becoming an issue, talk to somebody about it. For instance, you can talk to your spouse about vagina wetness or even las vegas escorts that understand your sexuality. If you have a medical problem that is affecting your level of vagina wetness, talk to your doctor.

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